The crystal clear audio on this recording allows us to hear all of the qualities and subtlety of each instrument and that adds a lot to the enjoyment of the music. It helps us to hear the smallest detail including the air flowing in Stephen Haynes’ brass instruments, the richness and subtlety in the plucking and bowing of Damon Smith’s double bass, the touch on the strings and the musicality of the particular frequencies in the effects of Jeff Platz’ guitar, and the range in sound and volume of every hit on Matt Crane’s drums and cymbals. Nothing is taken for granted by these musicians on this recording. Regardless of what is being played, it’s always a mix of melody and timbre, sound and story, movement and stasis, space and structure, large and small ideas, in or out of the rhythmic pocket, it’s all part of the whole done with masterful control, designed to take us someplace new and beautiful.
Joe Morris, 2019