Vapor Concrète

by Knu!
releases March 18, 2017

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Achim Zepezauer (Tischlein elektrisch)
Florian Walter (Barisax, MS20)
Simon Camatta (Drums)


1. Improvinzialismus abfeiern, wo immer man ihn vorfindet

2. Lazer Cosmetics

3. Angelika niest hier

4. Bruce Palace

5. Sechs Sorten Fleisch

6. Geduld of Life

7. Pike Matton

8. Intim im Team

9. Nichts Persönliches

10. That’s What She Said

11. Moan!!

12. Beauty Parlor

13. YoBroDiggerNice



„Great record! Punk comedy noise swing insanity. I’ll have what they’re drinking“ – Fred Lonberg-Holm

„My only question is: Which snake will not dance to this?“ – Arnold de Boer (The Ex)


Recorded & mixed by Jorge E. Vallejo R.
Mastered by Pablo Paredes

Drawings by Ulisse Aldrovandi
Artwork by Achim Zepezauer