by Quasi Stella

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Martin Lau – voice, texts
Thiébault Imm – guitar
Antti Virtaranta – bass
Rieko Okuda – drums, keys


1. Immaculate Immasculine
2. Road Of Excess
3. Tons Of Phons
4. Foutu Pour Foutu
5. Sauersong
6. Je Rotic
7. Usually You Julie
8. Contrahison
9. Deutsche Aische
10. Memory Loss
11. Cryostatic Speed Of Sleep
12. Nightingale


All Music by Quasi Stella
Recorded by Daniel Schatz
 at Primitive Studios, Vienna, March 2019
Mixed by Thiébault Imm
Mastering by Utku Tavil

original artwork by Martin Lau
cover design by Julie Freichel