„New only for a while“ – Two elaborate releases on lovely umland records at the beginning of december

Both these works have had a lot of time, attention, preparation and execution spend on them.

For one, there is „plant“ – a CD by „2000“, actually the prolongation of „1000“, a quartet originally formed in 2004 by Jan Klare, Bart maris, Wilbert de Joode and Michael Vatcher. They have gone a long way, releasing something like six CDs on different labels (…Leo records).
Bow – „plant“ is combining the original quartet with the immaculate cello playing of Elizabeth Coudoux and the great trombone of Steve Swell. A mixture of compositions and improvisations – subtle – very chamber musical – pretty dense and with a really nice sound to it.

The second disc is a DVD, featuring a film by Dorf-member Achim Zepezauer called „Das Ende der Kohle“ („the end of the coal“).
Zepezauer has produced a 30 minute animation film combined with a composition, especially made for the film by Jan Klare and recorded by The Dorf, plus 2 live tracks by the XXL orchestra on the night of the premier. More than four years have passed since the first screening and the studio recording took place in early 2016.
The film was made using a mixed technique with animation, drawings, footage from the area and some great acting by ex Dorf-member Julius Gabriel. It thrives on the alchemistic idea of transubstantiation – meaning: how can you make something beautiful out of nothing – and in relation to the Ruhr-area – how does challenging music and a big band like The Dorf survive in a region, that had industrial fame hundred years ago and now is basically dying.